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P-30 Competition and Rubber Power Sport Model

Every effort has gone into making the SUPER Y one of the lightest high performance P-30 designs available. Each kit has been assembled from select wood for a light airframe that can meet the minimum 40 gram weight for this event. It is an excellent transition model for free flight competition and just plain fun sport flying.

The SUPER Y is a derivative of the YARDSTICK model and has been optimized for P-30 and Small Mulvihill events.

As was its predecessor, the SUPER Y was also designed in the classic stick and tissue style of an Old Time stick model, but sized to use much less rubber motor stock and perform in a smaller flying site.

The SUPER Y is intended to supersede the YARDSTICK in principle. Thus we will no longer offer the YARDSTICK as a stocked kit We will maintain the web pages for those who have already purchased the YARDSTICK and for reference purposes. As noted in the YARDSTICK page we will offer short kits of the old YARDSTICK only by special request for those who still want to build one.

The SUPER Y Full Kit includes:

- Top quality laser cut balsa and plywood parts which have been fit checked and proven prior to kit production release.
- Quality select balsa strip stock.
- All components noted on the design including GizmoGeezer 9.5 Inch freewheeler prop assembly with assembly with setup hardware, Badge Classic viscous timer with actuator spring and all the finishing hardware needed to prepare the model for flight.
- CAD drawn construction drawing, instructions and Esaki tissue covering material.

SUPER Y Short Kit option:

Donít need all the goodies? Order a SUPER Y Short Kit that includes just laser cut parts, construction drawing, instructions; you provide the strip stock and everything else required to complete the model.

Projected Wingspan: 30 inches
Wing Area: 125 square inches
Nominal Length 28 inches
Weight ready to fly (less motor) 39 grams

SUPER Y - Construction Manual   (~ 539 KB PDF file)
A printed copy of this Construction Manual is included with each kit

SUPER Y - Construction Detail - part 1 of 3   (~ 3.2 MB PDF file)
SUPER Y - Construction Detail - part 2 of 3   (~ 3.6 MB PDF file)
SUPER Y - Construction Detail - part 3 of 3   (~ 2.8 MB PDF file)
These Construction Detail files are available online only.
They are suitable for viewing online, or if you like, they can be printed out.

Full Kit

Short Kit



  • Domestic Shipping and Handling charges are based on the costs of shipping our full our partial kits from our west coast facility to the far east coast of the United States. Currently a single full or short kit ships for $12, 2 ship for $17 and 3 for $23.

  • If the actual Shipping and Handling costs to your location are less than what was collected during the PayPal checkout process by $2 or more, a refund will be issued to you PayPal account for the excess shipping costs.

  • Please email us  for an estimate of shipping and handling charges for quantities of kits in excess of 3.

  • sales tax for California residents is 9.25%

  • Please email us to inquire about international shipping and handling charges

SUPER Y pics:

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