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offering high quality sport and scale rubber powered FF models

CB Model designs has now gone electric with the
JOULBOX 190 and APACHE II E-36 models



Clint Brooks also contributes to this website.  Here on the cover page you will find his 2007 article on the New Millennium Sleek Streek.   Inspired by the original Sleek-Streek, this sheet-balsa model is an even better performer.

This is a link to the manufacture of the Gizmogeezer Precision Free Wheeler propeller assembly which we supply in our MONARCH kits

Another great corner of the Web where stick and tissue free flight is spoken.

The McCook Field Squadron of the Flying Aces Club, based in Dayton Ohio.


Southern California Antique Model Plane Society (SCAMPS), the home club of Clint Brooks!


Western Region Flying Aces Club (WESTFAC), a group that welcomes all to participate in the classic sport and hobby of Rubber Powered Free Flight Scale modeling.  The website is one that is sponsored by CB Model Designs and maintained by Clint Brooks

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