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E-36 Competition and Sport Model

The APACHE II is the next generation of the Apache design that has evolved from Ralph Ray’s 1960 Nationals winning 1/2A gas model which was kitted by Veco for many years.

Now completely re-envisioned into a state of the art E-36 / F1S electric free flight model, this design variant has undergone over a year’s worth of effort to design, flight test and refine it to this unique result.

This process has resulted in a model that is easy to build and flight trim while offering some of the highest performance found today in this class of model.

Intended for experienced free flight modelers, The APACHE II is offered in short kit form to allow you to install the system of your choice for the drive train and electronics.

We also offer just the laser cut balsa and plywood parts by themselves if you want to build another model.

While supplies last, we are offering the Hyperion Z1709-06 motor as an excellent choice for the APACHE II. This motor is out of production however we have a limited number of these fine motors available. The APACHE II was designed around this excellent motor and if you power your APACHE II by it, you will not be disappointed in the resulting spectacular climbs. Click HERE for details of the Hyperion Z1709-06 motor.

The APACHE II Short Kit includes:

·   Top quality laser cut balsa and plywood parts-fit checked and proven prior to kit design release.

·   Air Shark P90 carbon tail boom tube; pre-cut to length and detailed for the stab incidence adjustment assembly installation.

·   Two full size printed plan sheets.

·   Printed Construction Manual.

·   You supply the strip stock, hardware, covering material, drive train and electronics.

·   Will accept Starlink-Flitetech or Texas Timers eMax (straight pin) electronic timers

Design features of the APACHE II:

·   Unique pod and boom fuselage design with shoulder wing mounting.

·   Electronic systems are completely packaged and highly integrated within the fuselage pod design-no mystery engineering to sort out for installing components.

·   Robust crutch and keel structural design on the pod is durable and easy to handle for launching the model. Component installation layout is designed for ergonomic ease of use and control of the launch.

·   RDT installation is included in the pod design.

·   Unique three panel wing construction that comprises an airfoil ‘D’ section, full depth spars and a staggered truss aft wing box section that has built in wash-out in the tip panels-used on the Monarch P-30 and carried forward as a proven robust structural concept on the Apache II.

·   Airfoils on the wing and stab are flat bottom and flat top aft of the maximum camber of the airfoil ‘D’ section-covering is easy to apply and aerodynamically smooth on all flying surfaces. The wing airfoil is a derivative of the proven ‘stanfoil’ style developed by Stan Buddenbohm.

·   The wing airfoil section is 8.48% constant thickness. There is 13% lower entry on the wing leading edge with the stanfoil flat upper entry feature the entire span.

·   The horizontal stabilizer is a 5% constant thickness section with a 5% lower entry section.

·   Round tip plate fins are very stable for twist and warp and weigh less than an equivalent single fin configuration.

·   Incidence adjustment screw for setting the horizontal stab position makes flight trimming simple and quick.

·   Wing tip plates help reduce wing pitching moment structural twist at higher speeds in the climb-helps the model stay vertical under the high speed phase of the climb.

·   The model can be trimmed for left or right hand climb pattern to suit the flyer.

·   The model can be constructed to suit a left or right handed flyer with no degradation of the ergonomics of the design for launching.

·   Excellent loitering glide characteristic for maximum contest performance; a great choice for a five second airplane in contests with a high performance motor installed.

Wingspan: 36 inches projected
Wing Area: 235 square inches
Nominal length 31-9/16 inches
Nominal weight 150 grams with RDT

APACHE II - Launch Techniques and Power Trimming Patterns   (~ 700 KB PDF file)
A very detailed set of instructions including pictures and illustrations on how to fly the APACHE II
A must read for flying your model consistently at it's optimum trim setup.

APACHE II - Construction Manual   (~ 294 KB PDF file)
A printed copy of this Construction Manual is included with each kit

APACHE II - Construction Detail - part 1 of 2   (~ 3.7 MB PDF file)
APACHE II - Construction Detail - part 2 of 2   (~ 7.4 MB PDF file)
These Construction Detail files are available online only.
They are suitable for viewing online, or if you like, they can be printed out.

Sample of APACHE II CAD drawn plans

Short Kit

laser cut parts only
no tail boom or plans



  • Domestic Shipping and Handling charges are based on the costs of shipping our full our partial kits from our west coast facility to the far east coast of the United States. Currently a single full or short kit ships for $12, 2 ship for $17 and 3 for $23.

  • If the actual Shipping and Handling costs to your location are less than what was collected during the PayPal checkout process by $2 or more, a refund will be issued to you PayPal account for the excess shipping costs.

  • Please email us  for an estimate of shipping and handling charges for quantities of kits in excess of 3.

  • sales tax for California residents is 9.25%

  • Please email us to inquire about international shipping and handling charges


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