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CB Model designs has now gone electric with the
JOULBOX 190 and APACHE II E-36 models


NEW for 2017

P-30 and Small Mulvihill Model

The Super Y is our latest design to be released. It is a P-30 design with traditional lines. It succeeds our YARDSTICK and is more optimized for P-30 than the YARDSTICK was. Like our other models it a stick and tissue model that can be flown for sport or in competition.

new last year in 2016

Re-introduction of the JOULEBOX 190 as the

E-36 Competition and Sport Model

The venerable JOULEBOX 190 just got even better!

The JOULEBOX 190 has been superseded by the JOULEBOX 190 MK II.
In addition to other minor changes, it has a redesigned fuselage with lower pylon, smaller fin and cleaner front end with an enclosed battery compartment. These changes make for a cleaner installation of the electric drive train.

The JOULEBOX 190 MK II is offered as a Short Kit, a Standard Kit and two Deluxe Kit options.

Deluxe Kit Option A comes with Starlink-Flitetech's electronic timer.
Deluxe Kit Option B comes with Texas Timers eMax electronic timer.

Both timers come with the optional RDT pigtail for use with your RDT system.

Both Deluxe Kit options come with all the other necessary drivetrain components (with the exception of the LiPo battery which the builder must supply). This includes a AX1806N brushless motor, a set of 7.5 X 4 Graupner folding prop blades with a Texas Timers prop hub, a 10 Amp Hobbywing ESC, a micro servo for DT opeation, an electical connector set with 2MM bullet pin connectors for the ESC to motor connetions and a Deans Micro single pin connector set for ESC to LiPo connection.

CB Model Designs
at the 2016 AMA Nationals

Clint Brooks wins E-36 while setting a National Record!


CB Model Designs, as in Clint Brooks himself, made his first trip to Muncie, Indiana for the 2016 AMA Nationals. Clint came to what has to be termed one of the best weather nationals of recent times. The green fields of Muncie offered super flying conditions with light winds all week long. Typically a 5 day Nationals at Muncie this time of year has 3 days of good weather, one of which is exceptional, one really bad and one somewhere in between. This year all 5 days were exceptional. Clint sure picked a good Nationals to come to!

And what at trip to Muncie it was! Clint placed first in the popular E-36 event he racked up 9 maxes then narrowly missing the 10th with 114 sec. Clint flew his JOULEBOX 190 MK II for the first easy 3 maxes then switched to his APACHE II for the remainder of the flyoff flights with shorter 5-sec engine runs. His total of 19 min 54 sec was good enough for a National Record! Good flying Clint!

Clint also placed 2nd in Electric A flying his JOULEBOX 190 MK II with 7 maxes plus 88 sec on his attempt at number 8.

In the rubber events, Clint won the unofficial NFFS sponsored Small Mulvihill event with his soon to be released kit, the SUPER Y. In P-30, typically one of Clint's better events, he unfortunately dropped his 5th max, leaving him in 5th place at the end of the day. While I am sure this was somewhat of a disappointment for Clint, he got over it and concentrated on the other events.

Overall what a great showing at his first Muncie Nationals, congratulations Clint!

On a personal note, Clint's trip to the Nationals marked the first time he and his webmaster, Joe Mekina, met in person. Prior to this they have only corresponded virtually via email with an occasional phone conversation. It was good to meet you in person Clint!

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